Our History

The best Chinese Noodles since 1993

Founded in 1993, Xin Noodles is a traditional noodle restaurant from Jiangnan (Southeast China) with a thirty-year history.

After years of hard work, the founder developed a unique broth recipe becoming renowned in the city of Changshu for these noodles.

Over the years, Xin Noodles has earned an excellent reputation as one of the best noodles restaurants, a reputation that persists through the years to this day.

Xin Noodles pursues quality control, management and training as the three main standards: delicious taste, comfortable environment and excellent service as a guideline to best reflect Xin Noodles name to customers and to spread Jiangnan food culture to the world. .

Xin Noodles puts the freshness of the materials first; the broth is obtained from a pot that has been simmered for 12 hours, with ingredients such as bones, ham and chicken, which is simmered over a gentle heat to create a rich and fragrant, clear and light spaghetti broth base.

The noodles are made of raw pasta, the noodles master grabs a handful of noodles and drops them smoothly into the pot, letting the long and thin noodles float in the boiling water. In a few moments the noodles are ready to be drained and served in a bowl.

Stir-fried noodles: There are many different types of noodles in Jiangnan. The fresh ingredients are fried and then added to the broth, sautéed and cooked for a few moments before it is poured into the bowl; a delicious bowl of noodles is ready to be served.